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30. januar 13
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PANORAMIC from Kristian Kvam Hansen on Vimeo.

Kristians skatevideo PANORAMIC.

18. oktober 12
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Kristian just released a teaser for his new Skatevideo, PANORAMIC.
Since he is living and working in China at the moment the video was shot in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Tromsø, Norway. made an interview with Kristian that you could read following the link bellow. (Only Norwegian).


Countryside out now

06. februar 12
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Our newest film Countryside is out this month as a free copy with the newest edition of Playboard Magazine.
Kristian Hansen along with Cold Up Here Productions was nominated to filmmaker of the year at Nordlys awards.


Premiere Saturday.

09. desember 11
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COUNTRYSIDE teaser out.

06. oktober 11
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COUNTRYSIDE is the fourth snowboard film from Cold Up Here Productions.
The season started of a bit slow with only handrails, we got some good shots early and hoped mother nature would provide us with lots of snow.
We did a few rail trips waiting for the light to come back. The light came and March and February were really good moths for us. We don't think anyone one in the crew have ever seen that amount of snow we encountered this year.

Line up: Michael Stordal/Truls Berg/Krister Kopala/Roy Olsen
Marius Kildalsen/Stian Aanestad/Rune Bokestad/
Sivert Eggesvik/Clas Kristensen/Daniel Josefsen/
Tammas Pahr/Martin Lona/Thomas Samsonsen/
Andreas Lona/Emil Fossheim + more

Sponsored by Nitro Snowboards, Polaris, Aerial7, Mammut,Playboard Magazine, CFR and Da Kine.

Shot at Bjorkliden resort, Mammoth Mountain, Riksgransen, Tromso, Narvik and Tamok.

Premiere dates:
Soon to be announced

Last shoot of the season

21. mai 11
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In the middle of May Björkliden resort gave us the opportunity to come and film after they had closed down for the season.
There was not much snow left, but we managed to build a jump and found some sweet obstacles on their mountain.
This time the weather was on our side and gave us temperatures up to 17-18 degrees celsius. Narvik rippers Michael Overgaard and Daniel Josefsen showed up during our shoot. Josefsen got some nice shots that will make the movie. Wait and see.
It must have been six or seven years since we last visited the resort and it was good to see that the mountain offers the type of terrain we are looking for these days. On the "backside" we found leftovers from Black Bear Open (a natural terrain slopestyle contest) that looked very promising. At the end of the course there was this 3-4 meter high quarterpipe that looked like it never had been hit. We went up there to film, but unfortunately because of the high temperatures a river (Yes an actual river) had broken up from the snow during the past day.
Thanks to Björkliden for helping us out.

Jermund helping out with the construction while checking the scenery.

Prints from upcoming movie.

28. april 11
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Here are a few prints from the editing room on our upcoming movie.
Lately we have been shooting at Riksgränsen, Narvik, Tamok and the Tromsoe area. The weather has not been our closest friend, but we have still managed to produce some of the best shots we have ever produced. During our trip to Narvik we dropped by a NC contest and Cold Up Here Productions riders captured the podium.

Was That A Banger? Episode5

27. april 11
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In late April we went hiking on a mountain that we had not been on before. It was a really tough hike since the snow had been baked by the sun for a few days.
Anyhow we found some cool spots and saw lots of potential spots for the future.
We brought some good food and had a BBQ-party on top of the mountain. While we waited on the grill to heat up, Tåmmas found a small jump from the heather into snow and went for a go. This is how it turned out.