Cold Up Here Productions

Cold Up Here Productions' historie

Cold Up Here Productions (CUHP) was formed in 2006 by filmer Tåmmas Pahr and snowboarder Marius Kildalsen.
The company´s first production was a skate promo we did for our local skateshop, Badlands.
This gave us a taste of how it would be to make a snowboard video. Next autumn we contacted snowboarders that we knew could contribute to our project and the response was great. A movie that was strightly meant to be a friends movie, soon evolved into a much bigger project.
In 2008 Tåmmas Pahr moved on. This gave room for a new filmer and Kristian Kvam Hansen was given the task.
Cold Up Here Productions vision is to promote great snowboarders exploiting nature in a right way.

- Cold Up Here Productions was formed 2006.
It's Time (08), So Cold (09), I Guess...(10) and Countryside (11)
- The distribution was in 2011 aprox. 14 000 copies
- Our 2010 movie (I Guess...) was shown at Tamok Reel Ride festival and TIFF (Tromsø International Film Festival)

What we do?
- Commercials
- Music videos
- Promo videos
- Snowboard videos
- fiction
- Documentary
- Others might be of interests
- Beside films we also provide photographers to different projects.
Please allow yourself to contact us if you have any questions. contact @

We would like to thank all of the riders, filmers, musicians and volunteers who have made these films possible.