Cold Up Here Productions

Last shoot of the season

21. mai 11
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In the middle of May Björkliden resort gave us the opportunity to come and film after they had closed down for the season.
There was not much snow left, but we managed to build a jump and found some sweet obstacles on their mountain.
This time the weather was on our side and gave us temperatures up to 17-18 degrees celsius. Narvik rippers Michael Overgaard and Daniel Josefsen showed up during our shoot. Josefsen got some nice shots that will make the movie. Wait and see.
It must have been six or seven years since we last visited the resort and it was good to see that the mountain offers the type of terrain we are looking for these days. On the "backside" we found leftovers from Black Bear Open (a natural terrain slopestyle contest) that looked very promising. At the end of the course there was this 3-4 meter high quarterpipe that looked like it never had been hit. We went up there to film, but unfortunately because of the high temperatures a river (Yes an actual river) had broken up from the snow during the past day.
Thanks to Björkliden for helping us out.

Jermund helping out with the construction while checking the scenery.