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COUNTRYSIDE teaser out.

06. oktober 11
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COUNTRYSIDE is the fourth snowboard film from Cold Up Here Productions.
The season started of a bit slow with only handrails, we got some good shots early and hoped mother nature would provide us with lots of snow.
We did a few rail trips waiting for the light to come back. The light came and March and February were really good moths for us. We don't think anyone one in the crew have ever seen that amount of snow we encountered this year.

Line up: Michael Stordal/Truls Berg/Krister Kopala/Roy Olsen
Marius Kildalsen/Stian Aanestad/Rune Bokestad/
Sivert Eggesvik/Clas Kristensen/Daniel Josefsen/
Tammas Pahr/Martin Lona/Thomas Samsonsen/
Andreas Lona/Emil Fossheim + more

Sponsored by Nitro Snowboards, Polaris, Aerial7, Mammut,Playboard Magazine, CFR and Da Kine.

Shot at Bjorkliden resort, Mammoth Mountain, Riksgransen, Tromso, Narvik and Tamok.

Premiere dates:
Soon to be announced